2 Jan 2008

Sex...NO Lies...and Digital Video Disc...

LABIS: "I am the man in the tape," said Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, the Health Minister and MCA Vice-President, as he admitted to be the person captured on a videotape while engaging in sexual acts with a woman friend.

But despite his admission of guilt over the matter, Dr Chua stressed that he would not resign from his government and party positions....
(full report)

The report reminds me of the movie entitled "Sex...Lies...and Video Tape" only this time we have a new title "Sex...No Lies...and Digital Video Disc"...:)

I thought, it's suppose to be Malaysia's version of the 'Clinton Scandal'...with first a lie followed by a dramatic "Yes I did it!". But I think Dr Chua's straight forward confession had turned the situation into an anti-climax..:=D. The other party that tries to create havoc and expect more sensational scenario must be very surprised...."Huh! That's all? That's it!?....just like that ah?...:=D.

Some even jokes that he did it merely to test out some new Viagra products before endorsing it to the public. Pitty to his family especially the wife...:(.