2 Jan 2008

KLCC vs Asia City

While we were at Asia City on the New Year's Eve a friend of ours received a video message from his brother who happened to be at KLCC at that time. He shot a video there and sent it with the text "ngeh! kami di KLCC nampak ni video...ada Ella, Amy Search" (I think the program was telecast live on Astro Ria right?). I'm not familiar with his brother but I offered to reply the message for him and this is what I wrote...

"Apa...kamu sana ada pertunjukan manusia kena putar macam roda? Ada? Tiada kan?"

Actually the action was longer but I was late to capture it

...ada persembahan artis dengan 'powerdara' membuak-buak? Lagilah tiadakan? Pertunjukan bunga api sama artis normal sajakan!?

Nah ambik ni...and we sent a very short videos of the above to him

The brother then replied "Atukoi siapa tu (refering to the sexy lady) ...cuba kasi yang panjang sikit kalau ada" *LOL* (terkejut bah si kawan)

Few minutes after sending the longer version of the video, the friend sms to his brother "Ko tengok Ella di pentaskah atau kusyuk tengok tu video?" :=)