10 Feb 2012

Preview - AK-PAAS 2012

Album yang dinanti-nanti, 'Album Kompilasi Projek Amal Artis Sabah 2012' ringkasnya AK-PAAS 2012. Album ni bakal berada di pasaran selewat-lewatnya sebelum 25 Febuari.

American Idol Contestant Falls Off Stage

Watch this horrible incidence during AI 11 Hollywood week.

A 16 years old contestant Symone Black falls off stage. Not sure what happened, it looks like she was kinda tense, exhausted, stressful, lost concentration..you name it and while stepping forward she couldn't hold back everything and just passed out. Unfortunately instead of landing on the floor she falls straight...like 3, 4 feet down the stage.

Her fate will only be revealed in today's episode.


swity said...

sian kan..knapa la nyanyi sampai pingsan2 hehe..blum sa nmpak sambungan kejadian strusnya.