15 Jan 2008

Another ghost tale

Looks like Keningau is never short of its paranormal tales. About a year ago, it was reported that a car being parked on the new highway, suddenly moved by itself against the gravity force. Next up was a report not very long ago, about the attempt by some 'ghost hunters' to capture ghost images just by using ordinary camera (they placed the camera at the hot spot for ghosts..:=D). While I was in Tambunan few months ago, there was this tale about a father and his son, who got drowned in Sg. Pagalan Keningau. Their ghosts were seen wandering around looking for each other (as they got drowned separated from one another). The ghosts traveled as far away as Tambunan. Some people even claimed to have stumbled upon the son's ghost that suddenly pop up at their windows asking casually "ada nampak bapa saya?"...LOL (matilah...kalah filem Jangan Pandang Belakang). This tale had enough to scare one lady who forcefully asked family members to stay with her (in Keningau) whilst her housemates were away attending course :=). Another widely reported paranormal occurence in the interior is the images of cross and Virgin Mary seen on a coconut tree! :=0. Not enough with all those tales, here's another one...a ghost image smiling at the camera phone of one sumandak! *LOL*