7 Jan 2008


The award presentation night of the Festival Filem dan Video Pelajar Malaysia Ke 5 (in short FFVPM 5 ) was held at Dewan Chancelor UMS last night. It's the highlight of the week-long FFVPM 5 hosted by UMS. Despite being a simple ceremony (with no star-studed red carpet event) it's very entertaining and went on smoothly without glitch. The students' works are quite impressive too. Just take a look at some of those, in this v/c, nominated under the categories of Best Ad Promo, Best Animation and Best Music Video. The UMS' entry of "Sos Cili Tuhau" stirred the excitement in the hall...:)

I'm a bit surprise that out of the 13 categories, University Lim Kok Wing (known as the school of creative technology) only have one nomination. Maybe it's not the question of where you study but how creative you are is the utmost important (BTW the organiser received 208 entries from IPTA and IPTS all over the country for the fifth festival). While ULKW only has one nomination, UITM has no nomination at all!..:=). The major contenders seem to be Universiti Multimedia, Kolej Yayasan Melaka, UMS, Unimas and USM. UMS won 3 awards but 2 of them come from the Jury Choice Award (probably as appreciation for hosting the festival). The other award is for the category of Dokumentari: Pembangunan dan Alam Sekitar with its winning entry entitled Sabah Teh (should be Sabah Tea? Right? No? Yes?..:)). Interestingly all of the three entries nominated under this category are from UMS...:=)

...and here's Mar-Jai performing a duet number (mmm...not so sure the title but it's the latest hits by Ajai and Kris Dayanti). The other artistes include Rey (Bintang RTM) and Dayang Nurul (Bintang Klasik)

(....will upload some other V/Cs of the event later)