21 Jan 2008

More on the AF6 audition

Still on AF6 audition, lots of frustrating stories at the audition yesterday. Firstly I have all myself to blame for the failure to register the three hopefuls I was accompanying. I keep telling them that the registration counter will close at 3 pm and highly likely be extended to 5 pm considering it was the final day yesterday. But once we arrived there slightly before 2 pm it was already closed (as early as 1 pm!) I felt very sorry for the one who came from a far…:(.

I proceed to mingle with the crowds and saw quite a number of familiar faces. Those who have undergone the audition said it was a very tough one. “The judges didn’t even bother listening to my singing, it’s not even 10 sec after I sang Ajai already presses the red button” said one frustrated voice. Having heard of Ajai’s name, those who are still waiting said how they wish Ajai is not the one who’s judging the audition here. “Sometimes I feel he’s not being fair” said one guy “but if you’re a pretty and sexy lady not necessary with a voice to match, you sure get green!” he continued with a laugh. A lady further support his claim by pointing at one plump lady, “the fat lady over there was in my group, she has a voice like Jeniffer Hudson and sang Zaiton Sameon's Menaruh Harapan but given a red light instead!” she explained. At this juncture I asked about the other judge, Faradiya. “She did nothing except stacking the rejected forms handed to her by Ajai. Ajai is the one who play ‘God’ pressing the light as he wishes. He cross-marked the forms and passed them to Faradiya who then neatly stack them!” she said. "Macam kerani fail" chipped in another voice. “No discussion, argument or debate whatsoever between them like Paul Moss and Syafinaz did in OIAM?” I asked. “No, no at all” she lamented. Hmm..that was strange.

I later stumbled upon one hopeful bearing the number 1090. He was told that he’s the last person to be auditioned on that final day. He looked very, very scared as if waiting for a death sentence *LOL*. With him bearing the number 1090, I presumed that the total number of AF6 registrations in Sabah is 1,090 assuming no one has registered twice. This means they failed to reach the target of 2,000 registrations for Sabah alone. Mmm…it’s getting lesser and lesser every year huh!

Out of all the dissapointment, comes the good news of these two artistes (Ivye and Reno) who both managed to reach Stage 4. This means a 50-50 chance for them to be selected to the next round. I keep my finger cross that at least Ivye will make the final cut!

Credit: Japrin.blogspot

Check more pics of Sabahans at AF6 audition on murai.com. One of the hopefuls Nursyazhwathul Nadira Mohd Arif, 33, get through Stage 2 but rejected at Stage 3 (due to the lack of x-factor). Catch her interview here.