11 Jan 2010

Anugerah Juara Lagu 24

Actually malas saya mau komen pasal AJL 24 ni, sebab anyone can be the juara. But I'm really proud of myself cos for the first time ever in the history of AJL my prediction is absolutely correct! Hehe.

Ramai yang tidak menjangka lagu Pergi boleh menang sebab lagu ni kurang popular and not celebrated much. But I had strongly expected this song will win. It's not because it is the best among the rest but for other reasons. Have you ever asked why, in the first place, this song was shortlisted? When I scanned down the list of songs yesterday I had difficulty determining the winner because they are all look and sound good. My top 5 are Yuna, Faizal, Pergi, Aurora and Misha. Having had such problem I looked for a song which has the most connection with TV3. Zam..zam..kalakazam..it's the song called 'Pergi'. It's all about the movie Talentime which belongs to Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad who had her last moment at TV3. She was the best buddy of Fatimah Abu Bakar and TV3's CEO Datuk Farid. Actually while predicting earlier I was still like 50/50 but upon learning that these two personalities were on the jury's seats (especially Datuk Farid - as if he was there to make sure the judges tidak menyimpang..hehe) then confirmed it's gonna win!

Surprisingly though this song was prsented brilliantly last night. It's like an ugly duckling turn into swan. The extra props in the form of Indian female vocalist and a Malay lady playing the Chinese violin had really made Rais Yatim smile, not to mention the tribute to the death clips on the screen. In short Pergi had all the factors to win last night.


SciaS said...

Ok...understood the reason behind the winning of 'I Go'...hehehe

but how about the performance? what's ur comment Bos?

motocross gear said...


dBOS-fm said...

Performance..vocal wise yg clear n kalis sumbang..c Hafiz, Tomok, Aizat n Black...yg lain2 tu adalah glitch2 sikit termasuk Misha Omar (sharp)n Faizal (bnyk flat). Tapi dari segi aksi definitely c Stacy. Infact for best performance I was 50/50 between Stacy n Aizat..one of them should win.

SciaS said...

bagi saya kan, pemenang persembahan adalah sepatutnya diberikan kpd yg betul2 all out dan bukannya mengharap sangat 'bantuan' dari orang lain

to me Stacy's performance was superb, no doubt about that BUT her singing ada 'pancit' sikit bah..persembahan bukan sj melihat kpd tarian tapi mesti seiring dgn vokal, don't u think so?

dan pd pandangan saya, tiada yg layak utk memenangi persembahan..take that from me! hahaha...kalolah saya juri..hancurrlahh..hehehehe

dBOS-fm said...

Kali juga tu judges seen nothing new dlm prsembahan Stacy..I don know. It's time juga c Stacy ubah strategi sikit, don use too many dancers, mcm tenggelam dia nnti. Pilihan lagu pula kena pilih lagu yg tdk terlampau cepat (mid tempo)-actually I prefer Gagap to Pakai Buang. Let's just hope she performs better and better each time.