29 Jan 2010

Songs Highlight

After days of featuring slow numbers here, let's press the accelerator a little bit for some fast songs.

Azid - Mentari Senja

First up is a rock number called Mentari Senja, by a new talent Azid.

Goyang 72 - Budak

A jazzy song by an indie band, love it!

Norhayati - Asmara Asrama

How's that for a song title, a nice song about kantoi, a girl calls up her boyfriend who stays in a hostel but the call was answered by another girl. This song fits for Stacy.

Nuyuui - Cinta Gila

This is from the album co-produced by Awang BPR. Details click here. You can hear Awang's skill as the lead guitarist here.

Reminds me of Abot.

Santeeke - Realiti Insan

I first came across this group on Astro Ria's Beat TV (hosted by Sazzy and Ashraf Sinclair) back in 2007. So this song must have been produced back then. It's quite popular but I guess not much celebrated, performed by a 5-member band (three of them are Sabahans). Credit: Santeekee's MySpace.