24 Jan 2010

Duet Songs

I thought of posting this entry on Valentines’s Day but then what the heck! I’m talking about mushy, mushy duet songs by our singers.

Duet numbers (male and female combination) are not very often done by our singers, taboo or what? (kidding). Do we have duet numbers back in the 60s? The answer I got after checking with some seniors is, “none that I know”. There are a couple of oldies in a karaoke CD I have here, such as Hozou Noukit Noukit and Boos Nopo Kopiangu, performed in duet by Clement and Bibiana. But according to some oldie enthusiasts those songs were not originally sung in duet (perhaps only for the karaoke version). What about in the 70’s? Errm..not so sure (any input?). 80's? Let me see, the problem is I wasn't around Sabah most of the 80's and 90's but as far as I know back in the early 80's (or was it late 70's?) there was this couple, Donny and Molly (yes our answer to Donny and Marie Osmond) released a duet album. I remember Mr.Donny came to our house and handed over the cassette himself. A couple of duet songs follow suit then. We once had a cassette featuring a compilation of local duet numbers, but God knows the whereabouts of the cassette now. Out of all the duet songs, one that has become a legend is Silik-Silikan Mato Nu (isai boh om ngaran nu…sumandak do talawa) which was released some times in the early 80s. Those who don’t know this song must be from another planet (just kidding). But…OMG I forgot the singers’ name (kill me!).

Let’s take a look at the scenario in this internet era. Not that many I guess, just a couple of them. The earlier one I noted is by Abraham and Winnie, Kotohuadan (you can check it on Playlist 3). Then we have Boni Mosios duet with Esther in Migiit Hongon Toh. The most recent ones are from Ivye and Reno in Tupus Kasasari Kibabang and a fiancés couple Danny F. Malingi and Georgia Joy in Ika Noh Songulun. The theme is notably getting romantic nowadays, isn’t it? While listening to Silik Silikan I imagine a guy pokes out his head from behind a tree and sings “isai boh om ngaran nu?” to a surprised sumandak waiting for a bus, all in a distance of 10 feet apart. But while listening to these current duets I imagine a couple in, err...2, 1 feet apart *grin*. I mean, mic swapping is a must when singing these songs live (tapi Silik Silikan pun buli ber mic swapping bah kan…kekekek),

Let’s take a listen.

Migit Hongon Toh – Boni & Esther

Loosely translate, Holding Hands. Taken from Boni's Mosik album

Short version

Tupus Kasasari Kibabang – Ivye & Reno

Translation? Let me check my Kadazan – English dictionary first, it says here, Love Always Shines or in Malay Chenta Shentiesha Bershenar, gitu.

Sample version

Ika Noh Songulun - Danny & Georgia

One of these should fit the translation, You’re The One, You’re The Only One, You’re The One and Only, Only You, Engkaulah Satunya….whichever you prefer *smile*

Just visit Danny's blog for a glimpse of Georgia's pic.

Full version (low quality sound)

A lovely distinctive voice of Georgia Joy there... :=)

So which one is your pick to be our very own Endless Love (Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie)?