5 Jan 2010

'Bakakuk' is really shooting (on target)

For those who may not familiar, 'Bakakuk' means breech-loader a type of rifle (senapang patah in Malay). This explains the image of rifles on the CD cover. This is the second studio album by Atama and I must admit I truly enjoy every beat of the tracks featured here. While Tribal Roots (first studio album) focussed more on the bouncy Sumazau beats, only one track features such beat here, courtesy of Haro Poh Logot Logoton. Instead it's hard not to imagine or fantasize (gulp!), Shakira or Beyonce doing their things while listening to this album. Yupp I'm talking about the R & B Experimental beat (or whatever you wish to call it) which is kinda dominant here...evolving or what? Anyways local elements are far from being ignored, infact you'll hear a lot of them in the lyrics. Talak or romantically known as 'Moonshyne' (gulp!), bosou or romantically known as...(any suggestions?), nonsom, tuhau, lihing etc are all casually rapped here. Not forgetting the very special thing called 'CTS'....whatever that is? Just like Tribal Roots (no matter the hoo-haas about it) this is again another locally produced album that I'm so proud to have in my collection.

Nah some samples..

1. Pangazou

2. Haro Poh Logot Logotan ft Adolf Jamit

3. Moonshyne ft GZell (of MyStarz 2)

4. Rumamai Tokou ft Carl Appolonius (Esther's elder brother)

5. Pit Sulapit

6. Mansau Ansau ft Carl A.

7. Sompori Pori ft Ivy Alexandria

8. Kamemon Daling Daling ft As Bow

9. Miniagal Sinsing ft Alvin My

(komon oyo! Almost there!)

10. Turugda Umandak ft Ivy Alexandria

This reminds me a little of Chenelle's Hurry Up!

11. Thank You ft Alvin

I'm spoiled for choice when it comes to picking up my favourite....probbaly I'll go for Sompori Pori...but then Daling Daling is danceable, I love it too..Moonshyne is nostalgic (gulp!)..Pit Sulapit is equally interesting....gee..I don't know.

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