29 Jan 2010

Wanted...'The Next Top Entertainer'!

After its successful debut last year, the search for the top entertainer is back again this year. So get yourselves ready.

For details and registration forms just clik here.

And since the KE's website is still under major construction, please visit their Facebook Page, if you need to interact with the organizer directly.

Borang yang telah diisi boleh juga dikemukakan terus kepada senarai AJK seperti berikut:

Ayuki Sinidol
Callix TomKurus
Davelynne Rampas
Fidelis Francis Andam
Francis Au
George Duat (Organising Chairman)
Japrin Thomas
Jason Jay Prinze
Jason J Bullah
Lissa Dolly
Mailson Mahap
Marc Mojitoh
Mark Linus Joseph
Mike Miklin Ationg
Qisthine Syl
Sumpit Nacalz
Suzanne Lujain-Bingkasan
Usal Jon
Zoe Albertus

Attractive prizes await you, so act now, the closing date is on 20 Feb 2010!


Bossing said...

hahaha tompinai.. haro ngaran ku kio ahaha

dBOS-fm said...

nonggo tiso..ie mailson mahap kan?