22 Feb 2007

Spoiled for choice

There are so many great TV programs lately, how I wish I have the time to watch them all. It just makes me ponder sometimes, that I've been wasting money paying for something that I don't fully consumed...oops..hehe! Anyways there are some TV programs that keep me hooked in front of the TV. I don't have to set the reminder on my handset to watch these shows, their schedules have been program in my mind. Once an episode ends, I just can't wait for the next episode the following week.

1. Heroes : How I wish i were Hiro, the Japanese guy, who is able to travel through time...! This program is said to be the no. 1 show in the US (but American Idol is also claiming the same spot).

2. The Desparate Housewives: I call them the 'hilarious housewives'. By the way the new season, Season 3, has been running over 8TV since the 6th February. I only realised about it last night! That means two episodes had already passed. Shame on Star World for still airing the Season 2 episodes!
3. Lost: I'm kind of a little bit lost about this show. I never missed a single episode in the previous season, but missed few of them in the new season. I didn't even aware when the new season started.

3. American Idol: Well definitely this is a must watch program. The top 24 are being cut down to top 12. The guys were a bit disappointing in the first show (but not the girls).

4. My Family: This is currently my favourite comedy series or sit-com. It is being shown on BBC Entertainment channel (one thing I like about BBCE channel is that it's free from interruption of commercial or promotional break...just like HBO, Cinemax and Star Movies). Although this show is called My Family, it comes with a warning that it's inappropriate for the not so mature adults (read: 18 and below)
And while waiting for the Desparate Housewiwes on 8TV I stumbled upon this program "Ugly Betty". Mmmm...not so sure if this gonna be listed under my "must watch" TV program. I guess the theme is pretty much similar with the latin telenovela, once shown over NTV7 not so long ago.
And the show that I'm so impatiently waiting...Prison Break! The new season had started since December 2006 (in the US). Looks like it's gonna take some time to reach our shore!


SciaS said...

wahhh sia ingat sia sorang saja yg menjadi mangsa dgn program TV LOL

I've just watched the final episode of Alias. Just imagine, sia sampai rumah terus tengok AI6. Pastu curi2 tengok Dragon Ball. Then sambung AI6. Curi2 tengok berita. Tengok repeat AI6 then curi2 mandi. Pastu tengok Alias. Makan pun depan TV!!!

Lost season 3 mungkin disiarkan in May. Sia x kesabaran dah ni. I've to limit myself. I dont watch new series coz Im scared Im hooked. Heroes is not bad. Sia tertengok repeat last sunday.

I'm waiting for Supernatural season2. Gossh..I just can't wait

Oppps sorry..mcm sia blogging pulak buat comment di sini LOL

dBOS-fm said...

Tapi kadang2 boleh termiss juga oh...

So LOST yg di 8TV tu season 2 lah pula....tpi mcm AI6 gerenti nda mo miss