15 Feb 2007

Rancangan realiti pencarian pengarah filem

"Do you have what it takes to be the next great Hollywood director? Find out by sending in your application and you could be one of the 16 finalists. But be quick, you only have until Friday, February 16th, 2007 to apply" (.....aaargggghhh... tutup sudah bisuk!!)

Nama program dia On the Lot. Satu program realiti pencarian filmmakers seluruh dunia, yang diterajui oleh Steven Spielberg dan reality show mastermind Mark Burnett. Hanya 16 orang saja akan terpilih ke peringkat akhir untuk menentukan siapa juara. Rancangan ini bakal disiarkan di Star World pada May nanti. Klik sini untuk maklumat lanjut On the Lot.

But then bercakap mengenai filem nikan...here is a constructive comments, by one forummer in our local daily, concerning our local made telemovies.

Oops! How did this get into the movie?

I AM proud to see many Sabah-made films. It is a good development. But their eagerness to produce films make them forget the need for a good story, plot, theme and especially the logic of the story.

One Dusun movie does not pay attention to the logic of the situation. Look at the hair of the heroine in the movie Bungkau Terbang. Her hair is either brown or orange while the time setting of the movie is such that there is no hair salon existing yet.

It is impossible that the hair colour is natural. At that time setting, the hair should look unkempt but instead, the heroine's hair looks as if she just had a rebonding treatment.

The place setting is also not right. At the time setting, there should be no concrete drain yet. The fight between the hero and the villain takes place in front of a traditional house which has a concrete drain!

The same with the movie Surundai directed by Basilus James (Opok). Maybe he was too bogged down with trying to insert Dusun elements into the movie.

It is not right to give the name of Surundai to the beautiful and up-to-date heroine. He should have given names like Maria, Lucy or Mary. The choice of names must be based on the time and place settings of the movie.

In this movie, the character Kudipit cannot let go of his backpack although its function is not clear. His bag is so big the viewers presume it contains many clothes and that he is going to stay overnight at his uncle Kudopok's place but he doesn't. If it is a day trip, then the bag is just a complication. Kudipit should leave the bag at Surundai's shop.

There is a kidnapping scene in the movie but the kidnap victim Sorundi does not have the appetite to save herself. She does not scream for help but just swears at her kidnapers. Her mouth is not stuffed with cloth, etc.

When she is tied to a tree, another person can be seen sitting in the verandah of a house captured in the scene. I say the director was careless.

Nevertheless, the director was creative enough to entertain viewers. But the elements mentioned should be stronger unless we want to create a fantasy film. The audio-visual quality is just cukup makan but then we are still without adequate props.

But if the logic of the film is bad, then that is caused by the director's carelessness and had nothing to do with equipment.

Khairuddin J Gunggutau Ranau

Mmmm....no comment!