15 Feb 2007

The new Terminal 2.

For those of you who fly with Air Asia back to Sabah, jangan terkejut bila kamu landing. Ngam lah tempat tu...it's just the new Terminal 2 which was completed way ahead of its schedule much to everyone surprised (and did somebody say, she already noticed a crack somewhere?!). It was officialy opened yesterday. The public were asked for feedbacks on this new terminal. Among the positive notes, they're amazed by the huge lobby space (they probably not aware that such a huge space is logically required because both the departures and arrivals are handled in the same floor zone), well air-conditioned, more check-in counters, fast check-in, short period to claim baggage, more baggage scanners and few others. On the other hand, the negative comments include no ATM, post office and health centre facilities, no moneychangers, not enough seats and the location of taxi service. I happened to be there in January, no doubt the lobby is very spacious, but I noticed it was quite a long journey walking up the stairs to the cafetaria on the first floor. There were no escalators. I kept wondering how the senior citizens gonna cope with it. But I just assumed there must be elevators somewhere in the building for the elderly and the disabled alike to move between the floors. But the fact is there are none. Anyways, one thing for sure the new terminal is very much improved than the old one.