24 Feb 2007


Hebatkan ni couple! Durang terlalu fed up, balik-balik dapat jemputan kahwin...last-last durang bagi iklan di newspaper supaya durang jangan dijemput lagi...I found this so amusing...hehehe!

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Fed up with spending too many weekends going to weddings, an Argentine couple took out a paid announcement on the social pages of a major newspaper expressing their desire for some social neglect.

"We thank you ahead of time for understanding this petition, which is due to our saturated social calendar," read the ad in La Nacion.

Adolfo Caballero, 66, told a La Nacion reporter the flood of invitations came from the children of his dozens of cousins, friends from his club, and clients of his law firm.

Argentine weddings are typically drawn-out affairs and Caballero said they take 12 hours out of most of his weekends, including long drives to and from the countryside, where it is currently fashionable to get married.

But then....teringat pula saya satu iklan di local daily (Sabah) few years back. Iklan tersebut berkenaan dengan pengumuman memutuskan talian adik-beradik! *Sigh!*....this is not amusing...... never in my life terlintas mau terfikir macam tu! Bak kata pepatah "air dicincang tak akan putus". And the announcement was made by someone whose father ada title "Datukship". Kira....family dia ni well-known jugalah!