10 Feb 2007

Super bling bling dress....

Well..everybody should know by now that our songstress Datuk Siti Nurhaliza (DSN in short) will be making an appearance on the red carpet procession at the 48th Annual Grammy Award ceremony. As a fellow Malaysian i'm very proud of her. I guess she's busy with her fashion designer (Datuk Bernard Chandran) right now, designing the dress she will be wearing at the event. A lady representative from Star World, the TV channel that brought DSN to the Grammy, is putting so much hope that DSN will be attracting foreign media, at least through her dress! She made a comparison with Elizabeth Hurley, who according to her, would not make it big in the US, if not for the Chanel dress Ms Hurley wore at one of the Academy Awards ceremonies. And who can forget the phenomenal green dress Jeniffer Lopez put on, at the 43rd Grammy. It was well known by the industry, simply as "The Dress". It stirred up a hot debate amongst fashion designers, just because they came up with different theories on how the dress sticked on J-Lo's upper body. One theory suggests, she was using stapler! Oouucchh!! But then everybody agreed that it was the work of a grade AAA double tape!

So back to our beloved DSN. Just in case the expectation would not turn out as it should be, all she needs, is some sort of an intelligent design to her dress. Perhaps a "contingency-plan-button" should be incorporated somewhere on her gown, and if the needs arise she just have to press it and....VOIILAAA!!!. There you go!! What an impact! Enough to erase J-Lo's "The Dress" from people's mind!