16 Feb 2007

A new format that is worth trying

For those who watched Grammy program on TV recently, you must have noticed the three chics seated in the front row. I was wondering who the hell are these three ladies grinning happily for the camera. Mau bilang Destiny Child bukan juga....rupa-rupanya durang ni adalah tiga finalis yang menyertai program "My Grammy Moment" iaitu satu program untuk mencari peserta yang bakal berduet dengan Justine Timberlake di pentas Grammy. The winner is the lady on the article below (I guess it's only opened for ladies). So there you go ladies and gentlemen!....a new idea first introduced by Grammy. Another brilliant format to reap profit from SMS voting, cos the process of selecting the lucky one is not much difference from any other reality talent shows. Only the reward is in different form. So memandangkan kita di Malaysia ni 'pak turut'...I won't be surprise kalau ada majlis anugerah tempatan yang meniru format ini....errr mungkin yang berjaya bakal berduet dengan Mawi atau Siti Nurhalizah kah?


SciaS said...

ya...i saw her performance..no wonder she looked so nervous but she was doing ok bah ;)

dBOS-fm said...

I only realise about the "My Grammy Moment" when I watched the repaet...ya no doubt she's nervous...but kalau saya sya suruh tiga2 sekali naik pentas....alang-alang bahkan..:)