14 Nov 2007

Aneh dan ngeri

Lost man emerges from pond!

Papar: Baffled rescue teams were lost for words when a man who had disappeared while looking for golf balls in a 16-metre deep pond more than a day ago suddenly called out to them alive and well.

Ag Simyor Mamit, a local Bruneian from Kg Pimping in Membakut, was feared drowned when he went missing just after 5pm at the golf resort in Bongawan, Sunday.

District Police Chief, DSP Charles Labung Lawai said the 38-year-old emerged from the water hazard in the golf course at about 7.15pm, Monday, much to the shock of family members who had been keeping vigil there and those who thought he would have surely drowned....(

Could this be another case where a person captured into the world, they normally call "alam bunian"? But this time it's the sub-marine" alam bunian"...:))

Burning hot!
If i'm not mistaken this is the second similar case happened here within less than a month! (Apapun yang penting di belakang sana tu tersergam indah perkampungan lereng bukit "Beverly Hills 90210 KK" a.k.a Kg Kopungit!..=))