15 Nov 2007

Another unexplained paranormal mystery.

His family who were at the scene had prepared for the worst whilst the rescue team busy searching for his body in a pond at a golf course in Bongawan. The man who had gone missing for one whole day and feared drown suddenly emerged from the pond (magic kan!). And from the hospital bed he told his bizzare story of being detained by 4 'beings'.

This is another paranormal mystery that I think deserve to be extensively studied and explored, just like the UFO, the Bermuda Triangle, the crop circle, the vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary etc. Similar case happened few years back in Tambunan and a friend had relayed to me the same story about his 13 years old niece in his kampung who suddenly gone missing for two days on her way to her aunt's house which is only about 10 m away from her home. When these abductees reveal their ordeals, they appear to be pretty much similar...they meet 'beings' who brought them to an unknown destination (the fact is they're very much at the same spot where they last appeared). When they finally re-appear they look exhausted, weak and pale not realising they have actually gone for hours or days (they thought it only happened for a moment!).

And this is a book trying to explain in a scientific way and rational manner...=), the "unexplained" such as the phenomenon of levitation (most bottom pic), the erected rope, the stonehenge and many more paranormal mysteries happened around the world. Hopefully they will include our local "alam bunian" abduction as well in the future...=)