29 Nov 2007

Powerboat vs Powerstorm

The powerboat race


While preparation for the powerboat race is being geared up, the coastal areas in the West Coast were badly hit by a 'powerstorm' courtesy of the tropical storm Hagibis. This happened coincidently with the unusual high tide. So how's the weather gonna be like during the powerboat race? The weatherman predicts that the Hagibis will last until Thursday (29 Nov). But I read there's another storm named Mitag (nasib baik bukan G****K) just hit the Philippines. Hopefully it won't reach here especially this weekend.

A misleading photo?

This photo appeared big on the front page of the Daily Express yesterday with the caption "Villages searching for possessions with only the stilts of their homes remaining in Tg Aru". A friend who stays adjacent to the area said those remaining stilts were actually the aftermath of the September fire (remember?) and not due to the storm/waves. Personally I think if a house is blown like that (with only the stilt remains) it will definitely involve heavy casualties i.e. the occupants must have been blown away themselves.