29 Nov 2007

Fun weekend awaits

KOTA KINABALU: Drive by the Waterfront and you'll notice tents and other structures slowly going up by the water. KK's gearing up for the UIM F2000 World Cup GP. and the town's abuzz with talk of all the fun to be had over the coming weekend. Set for Saturday and Sunday. December 1 and December 2. 2007. the powerboat weekend promises to be an exciting event for all. It's not just going to be about powerboats and sprints, however. The races will also feature all-day street carnivals, filled with all sorts of entertainment that will ensure plenty of fun for the whole family. Dad can go off and watch the races, and mum can saunter off to check out the food and shopping stalls, while kids will surely be thrilled by the amusements that have been prepared for the day. Over 70 food and shopping vendors will be setting up shop over the weekend, providing plenty of opportunities to browse and quite a lot of options for good old street eats.

F2000 weekend will prove to be a great day for on-the-go gourmets, but don't fret about overeating... you can always walk it off on your way to the next attraction! Kids and grownups alike will enjoy the unique amusements on offer, which include an array of inflatable entertainment structures.These oversized inflatables come in six different forms at the street carnival, and offer interesting diversions for guests who'd prefer more interactive and athletic ways to spend their leisure time. Let the kids have a go on the bouncy castle, and watch them bounce away or take turns on its built-in slide.

An inflatable obstacle course serves as an interesting alternative to the playground, and makes for a fun. safe way for kids to while the day away. Be careful that they don't have too much fun. or they might never want to go home! Got a grudge against a former friend? Forget the fist fights. Ask them to come over for F2000 and duke it out in a jousting match. Beat each other senseless with foam batons instead!

Be the first to knock your opponent off the platform and onto a safety bed and be pronounced the victor. Not the aggressive type? No worries, the bungee race is there for you. You and your opponent race against each other through inflatable lanes. Sound simple? Sure, but you'll be harnessed to bungee cords that are anchored to your starting points.

Move too fast or lose your grip and you'll have to start over again! Non-competitive guests can always go for the outdoor wall-climb.Tins simple take on the popular sport lets you inch your way up an inflatable wall, complete with handholds and a safety harness. Don't worry about falling... the whole structure's inflatable, and there's a soft, cushy bed waiting to protect you from the ground. Inflatable structures are made from durable, semi-porous materials such as PVC. and are kept inflated through the use of special blowers that circulate air throughout these gigantic toys.The structures are 100% safe, and make for hours of endless entertainment. And how often can you brag about having taken out a rival in a friendly jousting grudge match? And if all these activities still aren't enough to whet your appetite for entertainment, then check out the great line-up of artists that are set to perform on Saturday.

Anuar Zain and some of your Akademi Fantasia favourites, including Felix. Lotter. Nora. Rich and Candy, will be on hand to make music and merriment.Check out the UIM F2000 World Cup GP this coming weekend. Saturday and Sunday. December 1 and 2. 2007, for plenty of wholesome fun for the whole family.

For more information, call 088-261611 or visit www.power-sportevents.com.my.