1 Nov 2007

Majlis Suai Mesra Kedua KE

Dipersilakan mencari wajah-wajah anda...:)

Nikki's 22nd birthday and the recording session of Rome & Juliet

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Just like the scene of vehicles stunt in Hollywood movie.

This accident happened on Monday. First a huge concrete mixer crashed into a Toyota Vigo before it ploughed into a pick-up and sent the pick up shoving under a trailer transporting 460 gas tanks. The mixer didn't stop there, instead it went wild ramming a poor little Proton Iswara before settling on top of it (Iswara). The gas-transporting trailer in the meantime hit four other cars in front of it (probabaly the Kenari, Kancil and Honda) causing a chain of collisions (whoaa!..what a scene). Surprisingly and thank goodness there were no casualties. Two of them suffered severe injuries while the rest reportedly survived with only minor injuries!

Next time if you happen to see a concrete mixer on the main highways (like the Penampang by-pass, Lintas by-pass or Tuaran by-pass) take notice of it's speed. I often encounter those who run more than 100 km/hr!