21 Nov 2007

Is Nikki up for something big?

Well I can only make a wild guess, since her manager left readers of his blog in high anticipation for yet another ‘Top Secret’ project! :=). The hints dropped this time suggest something huge. Readers are being clued up with the keyword “international”.

And by the way, in case you’re not aware, Nikki is one of the performers in The Live and Loud 07, from 23 Nov – 2 Dec. Dubbed as the nation’s biggest music festival,the show extravaganza also features some big international names including Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, James Ingram, James Morrison and American Idol second runners up Elliot Yamin (to name a few).

Back to the so-called ‘Top Secret’ project, let’s just wait and see what’s the hype all about when Nikki’s camp drop the bomb this coming 6 Dec.

(Nikki in action!) Nope don’t get it wrong. This is ain’t
Christmas Show and she’s not popping out of a
snow-covered Christmas tree!:o