20 Nov 2007

The Scoops Gelato Bar outlet in KK

What could be better than a refreshing serving of delicious gelato on a sunny Sabah day? For this piece of heaven visit Scoops Gelato Bar at Warisan Square in Kota Kinabalu. Unlike regular ice-cream Scoops Gelato is freshly made everyday in small 4-litre batches, ensuring all around freshness. It is also creamier and has less air content than ice-cream, giving it an intense flavour. Health conscious? No problem as Scoops Gelato Bar uses natural ingredients without any preservatives or artificial colouring. The weight watchers will also be glad to know gelato has no more than 8% fat. They also serve dairy-free sorbet and sugar-free gelato (vanilla and cappuccino). Choose from a wide variety of flavours, from the classic chocolate to the more unusually flavoured banana cheese! There are over 60 flavours to choose from and 14 are served each day on rotation. Other flavours include blueberry cream, espresso, marshmallow, green tea tiramisu, Bailey’s cream, pink guava, pineapple sorbet, mango sorbet and strawberry yogurt…to name a few.

Scoops Gelato Bar also offers a 50 percent discount on selected gelatos so ask your friendly waiter for the picks of the day. Looking for a snack? Scoops serve a variety of salads and finger foods, such as fish fingers, sandwiches and French fries. Enjoy these dining delight with any of their beverages – we recommend the mock Sangria, a delicious fizzy fusion of fruits. All these can be enjoyed in a cool and hip ambience, perfect for after-dinner get together with friends and family. Did we mention the fantastic and friendly service? See you at Scoops!

Scoops Gelato Bar is located at Unit no. A-G-19, Block A, Ground Floor, Warisan Square (opposite The Island Shop). Opening hours 11:00 am -11:00 pm (Monday to Thursday) and 11:00 am to 12 midnight (Friday to Sunday and Public Holidays). For more offers, sign up for Scoops privilege card. For more information contact Raymond at tel. no 088-484 337 or 016-836 2652.