10 Nov 2007

Costlier bread

Bread costliest in Sabah!

08 November, 2007

Kota Kinabalu: A loaf of bread now costs 60-70 sen more in Sabah, the highest in the country. A loaf (600-700gm) is now being sold at all the retail outlets in the State at a new price of between RM3 and RM3.20 each, while the mini-loaf (400gm) is being sold for between RM2.30 and RM2.60.

Previously, the larger bread went for RM2.50 per loaf while the smaller one for about RM1.50 each. (Cick here for the details report)

This is my favourite wholemeal bread. It costs 50 sen more from RM 2.70 to Rm 3.20 (aargh!). I feel like buying the domestic bread maker...:)

I came across a statement that says in the year 2020 (or probably earlier) the value of RM 3000 is equivalent to our current value of RM 900! (RM 3000 later is only worth RM 900!). So the interest or dividend we earn today is basically to hold and maintain the current money value for its equivalent worth in the future....=)