5 Mar 2007

Sexy babes!

If we were to have our very own (Sabah) list of sexiest ladies, no doubt these two ladies here will be the front contenders...

Amber Chia...9th on the FHM magazine (Malaysian edition) list of Sexiest Women 2006!

...don't you wish your girlfriend so HOT like me!...oooh! Dontcha!

...said to earn RM100,000 per month in 2005! Probably earning more these days.

...despite few attempts by tokeh-tokeh kaya to win her heart...she stays loyal to her high school sweetheart who works as a quantity surveyor (syabas to all quantity surveyors in Malaysia....naik saham kamurang!)

Read more about Amber here (oh bapa dia ni menjual ikan pula....mesti di pasar ikan Tawau lah tukan!) and Amber's official website The Story Behind The Lips (bikin girigitan bah pula lips dia nikan...kena banding-banding pula dengan Angelina Jolie)

Daphne Iking - No. 14 on the FHM list of sexiest women 2006!

...what a great transformation, from a humble Unduk Ngadau...to a dazzling FHM cover girl

Oii...mummy kau!...malatup!malatup!malatup!Kurr...semangat!**takajut kunun nampak gambar...terus melatah**

Ehemmm!!...for those of you who are dreaming...forget about it...cos she's a happily married woman now....(got married on the 27th Jan 2007)

Kahwin di Bali lagi you!...kelass!...and the lucky man is the 28 years old Ryan Chong, a businessman (congratulations!)

*Interested to hire her as the Master of Ceremony (MC) for your functions?! Visit her Talent Factory site and see her resume.

And the two ladies above will definitely have a tough fight from the ladies below....


A high prospect cover girl for FHM magazine ....

Fuiyoo!....Tamparuli juga bah!

...and then her short video berkepit dengan Zahid!

Ivye Alexandra

.... tu baru bunga-bunga punya posing saja tu...belum real lagi!

...move aside girls! Here comes Carol!


SciaS said...

pandai ko pi cari gambar2 diorg ahh

tp satu saja mo tanya..betul kah si daphne tu sdh kahwin? i thought fiance dia si kevin something tu..pembaca berita TV2 yg tinggi lampai tu bah..diorg dah putus tunang pulakk..sian

dBOS-fm said...

Bestkan pics durang...hehe

Info c Daphne kahwin tu sya dapat dari Malay mail...malangnya archive sudah delete...so sya anggap betullah. I've a feeling mungkin ada 2nd round punya wedding lgi nanti tu. Oh ya syapun ada pernah dengar cerita pasal newscaster tu... tpi nda pasti samada yg d maksudkan c Kevin (TV3 newscaster). Anyway looks like she ended up with a different man!