4 Mar 2007

TV3 Gangstarz: kejutan buat Evoke

Mulanya mereka tidak terpilih, sekali keluar bukan calang-calang, satu kelompok pula tu dengan peserta-peserta dari Indon dan Singapura! Ala-ala peserta luar negara gitu!..hehe! I'm very..very...impressed with their dance move!...hebat! (best siot!), as if they've been doing it eversince they were little kids. They should get more points on their dance moves. Unfortunatley they've to work out more on their vocal harmony (especially those two girls). As Vernon Kedit said, it's not properly 'blend'. If only they can improve their harmony, for sure they will give the others a run for their money.
To vote, SMS GS EVOKE and send to 39003 or dial 13773 and press 13

It's a bit unfair to the contestants on this show, when they were required to perform both songs (acapella and fast number) in one performance. They've to use extra energy and stamina to complete both songs and this would affect their performance.

*Wowwee...the De Lima guys were very memukau (durang pakai guna-guna kah ni?..hehehe) sampai itu judgepun terus mau kahwin!


Anonymous said...

hye dbosfm,
gud job,upload more vids
yeah,cant watch dis kind of stuff over here,since im studying in da uk
proud to be sabahan once again..

dBOS-fm said...

Hi...glad you like it here! No problm...more vids will b uploaded in d future...:))