21 Mar 2007

Berita campur

Let's have a look at the future road system in K.K particularly within the airport vicinity (Putatan, Kepayan, Tg Aru a.k.a areas where I spent my first 18 years...:)) as announced by Mr. Vellu recently.

A: Proposed breakwater cum Esplanade & Scenic Drive (Woww!)
B: Proposed new Coastal link road between KKIA Terminals 1 & 2
C: Proposed upgrading Jalan Selangor to dual-carriageway
D: Proposed new gyratory at Jalan Selangor-Mat Salleh intersection
E: Proposed ramps at Jalan Kepayan-Coastal Link Road intersection
F: Proposed flyover at Jalan Kepayan-Lintas
G: Proposed upgrading & widening Jalan Kepayan
H: Proposed realignment of Jalan Kepayan
I: Proposed flyover at Jalan Kepayan-Mat Salleh junction
J: Proposed new coastal-Link road from Tg Aru to Kota Kinabalu City (a preparation for more future land reclamation? Looks like it)

Not too sure how the 'A' development gonna look like but it sounds very interesting. I look forward for this one. Just imagine jogging along this structure and upon reaching the dead end...you just jump into the sea...hehe! Looks like they not going to link the road at the back of the Tg Aru Post Office (marked with arrow) with the Jalan Pantai(leading to Sutera Harbour). Hmmm!

One success story....