4 Mar 2007

Philippino stars invaded KK

This event had really put me in the state of bewilderment when we stumbled upon it on Saturday night. We were driving to one of the banks in Gaya Street, when we noticed a large crowd at Padang Merdeka. A friend made a wild guess that it's got to be Chap Goh Meh celebration. But then we heard a weird language coming from the loud speaker. "Eh cakap Dusun" bilang si kawan (hehe). Silent, we paid extra attention. Rupa-rupanya bahasa Tagalog. We made a stop and asked some of the audience what it's all about. But those we asked were also in blur. They just mentioned it's a show from the Philippine organised by Hotlink. We only stopped for a while and I was still in puzzle when we left.
A snapshot from newspaper

Only after reading the Sunday paper I got the answer on what the event was all about. It was a show hold in conjunction with the launch of the Kababayan Pack by Maxis Communications Berhad and Globe Telecom, the Philippines leading telco. The performers are said to be among the hottest from the Philippines, but I don't seem to recognise any of them.