6 Mar 2007

Breakfast with evening gown.

"Welcome to Malaysia! A place with an exciting year-round calendar of world class and unique local events for you. In February, enjoy yourself with the sound of drums, gongs and cymbals clang and clash in accompaniment to lion and dragon dances, as the Chinese New Year is ushered in! If that's not enough for you, don't forget to catch a glimpe of our popular local celebrities dressing up to kill early in the morning-while you're busy snoaring-to a destination called...breakfast table!.....yes! all happen in February and only in Malaysia!"

Hehehe...how's that sound to promote Malaysia?! At least that's what our local celebrities did during the Breakfast with the Stars event, held recently at J.W Marriot Hotel KL, in conjunction with the 79th Annual Academy Awards. The event made possible by the Star Movies in colaboration with Astro, took place in synchronize with the Oscar shows itself, thousands of kilometers away in Los Angeles. And due to the 16 hours time different with LA, the event falls around 8 am in KL (8 am in KL is similar to the ambience of 7 am in KK - read: very early!). Though I found it quite awkward as the celebrities are kind of forced to wear evening gown early in the morning, I'm sure they have every reason to get excited attending the event.

As reported, their dresses (males and females) are sponsored (not too sure about the make-up and hairdo). Perhaps they don't need to spend a single sen for the event. All they have to do is put their dresses on and walk gracefuly on the red carpet down to the breakfast table! While the stars in Kodak Theatre Hollywood waiting anxiously who is next to win the oscar, those in KL waiting anxiously on what is the next course of meal to be served!..LOL...boy oh boy! aren't they so damn lucky! A big question though, is why only KL is selected? What about Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila or Singapore? (if i'm not mistaken this is the second year round such event takes place). I have every reason to say how lucky those invited celebrities are (Marsha, Velvet, Nora and Adam were there, not so sure about the rest). Nevertheless the glamourus event is not spared from bad and negative remarks. Those who fail to see the clear objective of the event put it as a waste of money and went on further to say those involved are a bunch of fools! Ooopss...hehe!

Marsha, Ning, Erra Fazira and Camellia were shortlisted as finalists to win the Best Dress Award. The judges finally agreed to give the award to Camellia. She won two tickets to see any major international awards ceremony (Siti Nurhaliza won this category last year that brought her to the Grammy recently).

*Errr...talking about best dress award I guess the males have to forget about winning. It's a contest, bias to the ladies!