10 Mar 2007

Ekin AF3 bakal muncul di Lahad Datu

Lama juga tiada khabar berita Ekin AF3 ni. Kalau ikut laporan akhbar di bawah, beliau bakal membuat persembahan di Karnival Budaya Lahad Datu malam ini.

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Out of all the towns in east coast including Sandakan and Tawau, I sort of like Lahad Datu better. To me it's kind of easy to get around and get what you needed. Most of the necessary amenities are just nearby. It's like a small, compact or pocket size gadgets. They have good restaurants, hotel not bad (at least the reasonable-price hotels have their own private parking area). Compare with Sandakan, I think they already have two mall-like shopping complexes (shopping under one roof) although not as big as those in KK. But on the negative side, it's the cleanliness. There's one storm drain, almost filled up with garbage. It's the same sight we see everytime we visit the town. I hope the Majlis Daerah had taken the necessary action by now.