3 Oct 2007

Mari kita saman menyaman

Saman pertama

Kesian juga si pakcik ni kan. He's not actually against his daughter marriage. All he wanted is to know more about his prospect son-in-law, before giving his consent. I think due to the geographical factor he's not able to meet what more to know about his soon-to-be son-in-law. But then he claims he did not even receive a phone call from the man who wanted to marry his daughter, instead dia terima samanlah pula. Aduh..kejamnya! Son-in-law pun terus jadi son-OUT-law!

Saman kedua

Kok dengar cerita bapak-bapak menteri di Indonesia sibuk mau menyaman Malaisia karna mengguna lagu Rasa Sayange untuk kempen pelancongan! (Waduh pak...ngapa dong! Nggak bisa ya pak?) Bilangnya lagu tersebut milik Indonesia...justeru harus minta permisi lebih dulu...gitu! (Iye bener lagu tersebut milik Indon?). Bukan setakat lagu Rasa Sayang saja malah batik pun menurut bapa menteri tersebut Malaysia ciplak dari Indonesia dan harus disaman! Ya...ampun pak!.(Pssst..jan kasi tau tu menteri...wayang kulit pun kita ciplak dari durang juga tu..hehe).

Gee...I don't know. I've a lot of questions concerning this issue? Is it possible to do so? Is a traditional product, native to a nation, suppose to be patented? What about traditional dance beat...like sumazau or dang dut? Did Jamaica patented reggae? I never come across the Jamaican government suing any parties for using reggae beat. And what about food? Roti canai for instance, Indian government should have sued any nation (including Malaysia)for claiming it is their local delicacy. Questions...questions and more questions!


This is not about saman...but one local entrepreneur who had won few awards. He must be earning at least RM 5 million a year (that's a lot!). Let me see...I earn about RM 0.024 million a year (ada bunyi million juga kan! Layak gelaran millionaire juga kah tu? hehe)