11 Oct 2007

Diari seorang angkasawan

yO!! Wazzup EARTH! It's me your captain...Captain D from outerspace! In case you're wondering what am I doing here...the government actually asked me to welcome Syeikh Muszaphar...has he lifted off yet!? Never mind i'll wait! While waiting I just wanna share with you some of my moments here...

This is me while re-filling our spaceship SweetNokosirit 69

I went for a jog on the moon yesterday...

...and while jogging I saw a flag that looks like our Malaysian flag. I walked closer...and closer....and... OH MA GOSH! MA BLOODY GOSSH!! I had the most shocking moment in my entire life!!

err...I guess he meant PEACE

I didn't meet him but I met Brother O instead....who happen to meet him of course.

According to Bro O, Ayah Pin erected the flag on his way to langit ketujuh. Bro O congratulated him for being the first Malaysian not only to reach the space but to the moon as well (damn! I thought I was the fisrt one!!). I got even more shocked to learn that he was here clad only in kain pelekat!

OK! dude...got to go now...err...nature call! That's all from me for the time being...oppsss...sorry...upside down again!

"see you..ADIOSS!!"