30 Oct 2007

The Shuffle dance craze in KK

When we mention the word "shuffle" we are quick to imagine a list of audio tracks played randomly (from track 1 jump up to track 8 and jump back down to track 3 for instance). But what about Shuffle dance? Most of you must've heard it, probably since two years back (or earlier). There are times the terms "Trance Shuffle" are used in refering to the dance. I guess the inclusion of the word 'trance' is due to the fact that the dancers are often seen as abnormal or rather in a hypnotic state (I strongly hope they're not D.U.I - Dancing Under Influence).

For those who are still wondering what Shuffle is, just take a look at this video (shot at Kompleks Karamunsing on the 20th Oct)

The vid above is actually for the promo of the Trance Party 2 which took place in BED - Best Entertaiment Destination last night (arrgh! I missed it...I thought 29th is today!)

If you want to have more glimpse of the situation in KK, just click the YouTube channel of this guy known as Abangben. They claim he is the best shuffler in town (probably he does more spinning than the rest and while he does that he maintains his balance...mmm..I wonder if he won last night's competition). From his channel you can get video links of other shufflers in actions around town.

SO..!! Are you interested to do the Shuffle! It's not that difficult, after all it's a good form of excercise (forget about the Poco Poco dance). For a start you can learn from this video (just click at the video itself for the other series like the 'running basic' and 'the kick basic'). Oh..by the way, they call it Melbourne Shuffle cos this dance is said to be originated from Australia (from Melbourne I guess).

But I prefer learning from this video instead (opss...did I say 'I'..:O). For easy movement you can just wear socks for the tutorials (pandai-pandai kunun pakcik bagi tips kan!)

Good luck! and have fun!


P/s: This dance is very much suitable for the ladies, but surprisingly I have yet to see a lady do the Shuffle! Hmm...puzzling!??


Unknown said...

nice post! and if u wana see some girls shuffle, check out my sites: wedancehard.com and learntoshuffle.com but you have to look hard!

dbosfm said...

Thanks for those links Len..I truly enjoy watching all the videos. Your spinning really fascinates me...:). It's very fast. I still haven't seen shufflers in KK do such spinning here.