20 Oct 2007

RM 800 for superimpose art works!

The photos below are the efforts of Hishamuddin Rais a writer cum activist. The so-called ‘art works’ are merely superimposed of two photos using graphic software (Photoshop being the most popular). It is sometimes known as morphing technique. Well, if you know how to do it or had done it before, you should realise how easy the work is. Probably the critical part is to select the right photos to be applied to. Your job would be easier and the end product would look perfect, if the photos have similar colour scheme, brightness, contrast etc. Once you’ve selected the right photos the rest are just a simple desktop job. You only need to sit still staring at the screen with your right hand (or left if you’re a left-handed) moves the mouse up, down, left, right, click here and click there. Your other hand is probably holding a can of coke or picking your nose (oops). In short it’s a work with just a click of a mouse.

Pak Lah as Einstein

Rafidah - what happen to my hair!?

Lim Kit Siang as a punk

Abdul Hadi as urban hippie

...and guess who?

What made me goggle in disbelief, they were sold for RM 800 each!. Anyone bought it? Yupp…the daughter of our Prime Minister, Nori Abdullah. Surprisingly she did not buy the Einstein piece alone but all of them (10 pieces altogether). Somehow I question whether it’s justified or ethical to sell this type of artworks. You ‘steal’ photos belong to other copyright owner, you remove Einstein’s face for your preferable face and claim the piece is yours (for you have the right to sell it)..hmm!

Here are some of my very own art works....(lelong! Lelong!)

Gwen Stefani as Heliza AF5

Brad Pitt 'merge' with A.Jolie

Any buyer? RM 2 only mah! Very cheap one! Not interested aah!? Buy one free one lah!! Sap..sap sui!...:=)