21 Oct 2007

Book shopping while floating

After visiting KK many times before since 1987, the floating bookshop MV Doulos is in town again. Since its last two visits here (1996 and 2000) I never miss making a trip going on board. So this year is no exemption.

You really need to watch out your steps while climbing this staircase. The steps are very unconventionally designed.

Macam terpaksa saja saya tengok tu perempuan menyanyi

Just part of the crowds

Books and books everywhere!

...and more books

...and CDs as well

...and the currency exchange

After an hour or so, I'm spoilt for choice and didn't know what to pick in the main section of the bookshop then I walked out.

On the way out, I saw the sign that reads "special priced books" and headed to the section. The books featured here are those donated to the ship and supposedly not for sale. But if you buy the specially-made Doulus bag priced at RM 20, you can pick any two of those books. Good offer plus good quality reading materials equals irresistible....and I finally settled for these two books.

So glad I found the one on the right ...."Adventures In Singing...A Process for Exploring, Discovering and Developing Vocal Potential". A very good reading indeed for those who really like singing. Filled with theories, tips and techniques for vocal development. Here's the contents, with one topic called "Vocal Athlete".

So if you happen to listen someone singing like Pavarotti next time...the chances are he's got to be me...hehe!

And the other books we bought (mostly for kids and teenagers).

My niece bought the one with purple cover "A Feast of Good Stories". And you know what, it was indeed a collection of very, very good short stories for me to...err...curi maybe buat short film kah nanti...LOL!

Learn more about MV Doulos here


SciaS said...

saya pernah naik kapal doulos tu duuulu2...x ingat what year :)

the books are very expensive kan? sekadar looking around boleh lah..tp kalo mo shopping..ah yooo x cukup ongkos ohhh :lol:

dBOS-fm said...

I think harga buku2 dia agak setaraf juga dengan buku2 mcm d Popular bookstor etc...my only problem is susah betul mau buat pilihan..lagipun nda brapa covenient bah...panass..:))!!

Tapi buku2 d bhg yg special price not bad juga jenis yg kalau kena jual d kedai harga mungkin not less than RM 40...tapi durang RM 10 satu...