29 Oct 2007

A focus on performing arts in KK - Pt 1

Masidi: KK to have centre for performing arts

Kota Kinabalu: Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun on Monday said discussions are being held with City Hall to decide on a suitable site for a centre for performing arts here.

He said a permanent centre of the kind is really needed to cater to the huge talent in Sabah.

After watching many artistic performances, he said there is little doubt that the State indeed has an abundance of talents among its young people.

"Those who watched the Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO) perform last night would agree with me that we have world class material among our musicians who can be nurtured and tutored to perform even better," he said.

He said that the way the orchestra played classical pieces such as Pachaebel's Canon in D and Beethoven's 9th Symphony (choral finale) would make Sabahans proud of their enormous talent.

And the fact that most of the musicians are in their teens, the youngest being a seven-year-old demonstrates a permanent artistic centre is really needed so that their talents are nurtured and not wasted, he added.

However, he said he would prefer that City Hall build and operate the centre.

"But it should be a simple, functional yet iconic landmark, a symbol of the city's coming of age, balancing commercial pursuit with quality artistic enjoyment," he said.

Masidi said they would be officially submitting the proposal to the State government after they have sorted out the preliminary matters.

"We really need the centre of performing arts in the city because in many major cities in the world, art and culture symbolise modernisation.

"And with Kota Kinabalu becoming a big city, I feel there a missing link in our city as we become more prosperousÉwe should look into other areas that we might have neglected," he said.

Having such centre, he said would definitely enrich the quality of people particularly those who are living in the city.

According to Masidi, although there are not many people who really want to attend classical-type concerts compared to rock concerts, the young talents must be supported so that they continue playing classical music even after they complete school.

"Perhaps to many people such music is not popular but the musicians, a combination of the young and the experienced, do provide us with quality music to enjoy," he said.

Masidi even though he hardly plays any music instruments, he still enjoys classical music that he described as educational because listeners have to study the history to understand every piece.

"So, instead of just enjoying the music, we are actually learning a history at the same time that inevitably would enrich the people's lives," he said.

Source: Daily Express 23 Oct 2007

So there you go! A centre for performing arts is in the pipeline. Apart of the questions...when and where such centre gonna be built? Another question is how is the so-called iconic landmark going to look like? Which local inspiration is going to be adopted as its architectural design?

Is it gonna be the sails of the regatta Lepa Lepa? (eat your heart out Sydney Opera!..:) )


If the Istana Budaya got the inspiration from gubahan sirih junjung

I don't see any problem why we can't settle for gubahan daun pisang junjung

Probably just a simple geometric design like the Royal Albert Hall (London) is not a bad idea...

...but instead of having a dome-like roof, we can replace it by either the siraung...

...or the Bajau's tudung saji (tenduang) .

Interestingly the Singapore's Esplanade - Theatre On The Bay, is proudly called by the locals as The Durian .....(it speaks for itself doesn't it)

Are we going to proudly called ours as The Tarap?...:D (If it's going to speak loudly for itself lah..:=D)