31 Oct 2007

Determine to improve the local music scene

Roger Wang a.k.a Mr. Fingerstylo

Talking about RAM Music Production, its very first pet project was to launch nationwide the singing career of one beautiful (and pitch-perfect) local singer named Caroline Samunting a.k.a Cay. The ambitious project was featured full page in the Daily Express back in 1996 (if I'm not mistaken it was published for three consecutive days! Mind you). I don't know what actually went wrong, things just turned out to be not as expected. I managed to get the single which was suppose to be the killer-song in the album. It's called Rahsia penned by Felix Samunting. Although produced back in 1996, until now I still find this song so refreshingly fascinating with that strong current hit appeal. Too bad it never gets on the air hence never had the chance to reach the mass listeners. The copy I have here is the non-mixed and non-mastered version (I can only imagine how the final product sounds like). Take a listen as well to the guitar strumming played skillfuly by the maestro.

Cay - Rahsia (audio track)