17 Oct 2007

Spectacular sunrise?

This is the video version of the halo over KK city last Thursday (11th Oct) with the mysterious white object (people thought a UFO) moving around...ironically it does have a shape like a flying sauces....doesn't it?...hehe (thanks to Mr. Bengodomon who introduced the link). “If the sky happens to be bright and clear the next couple of hours it’s got to be the sign of Malaikat (angel) ascending to heaven…it shall happen towards the end of Ramadhan!” a person confidently told us over some raya conversations (KK must be very lucky to be the chosen spot…instead of some holy cities like Mecca or Medinah for instance! *grin*).

Following to this phenomenon, some people also claim that the sunrise was extraordinarily spectacular the next morning (any of you witnessed it or took picture of it?). When I asked how spectacular was it, a friend who saw it said the rays appeared to be some sort of apparent straight lines emerging dispersely from the sphere, “remember when we were kids…we normally draw a circle as the sun, followed by straight lines surrounding it…hah that’s how it looks like!” exclaimed the friend. Hmmm….I can only imagine and put it into a drawing…

Tu dia! ada copyright lagi...LOL

...apparently somebody has lost his kiddy skill drawing straight lines.