23 Oct 2007

Sprinkling talcum powder on egg?

Adoii..!! Sakit betul perut dan dada aku sekali terketawa baca this post di blogspot si PooWok. It is regarding the phone-in contest over Radio 4 with DJ Yasmin Yusof (actually I didn't realise Radio 4 is still around, I thought it has already been replaced with Traxx FM. I couldn't even tune in to the frequency given on its website).

(Anyway back to the story) According to his post the DJ was inviting listeners to call in and answer a trivia question. The question was, "What is the household name of sodium chloride?" (the answer should be 'salt'). One housewife who called in didn't know the answer and asked for a clue. The clue given by Yasmin was "something you put on your husband's eggs in the morning". The housewife confidently answered TALCUM POWDER! (dia mesti terfikir telur-telur yang lain ni kan?..LOL). I can only imagine the DJ (Yasmin Yusof), whom I think laugh quite heavily, fell to the floor laughing out loud. She didn't return on air after few songs according to poowok.


Siapakah artis yang dimaksudkan...?

Jawapannya cukup mudah, so tiada hadiah kepada sesiapa yang dapat memberi jawapan yang tepat..:))