4 Oct 2007

Beautiful Girl vs Stand By Me

When I first heard the song Beautiful Girl by Sean Kingston I didn't quite notice the strong resemblance with Ben E. King's Stand By Me until one day I heard this song (Beautiful Girl) played over from someone's car. Being outside the car I barely heard the vocal singing the melody. All I could hear were the rythm and bass. Not knowing that it was actually the song "suicidal..suicidal" being played I sang along to the tune of Stand By Me...and it fit perfectly. Once the car door opened...I was like "aikk!!...suicidal pula ingatkan Stand By me!"

Here's Beautiful Girl or shall we just call it "suicidal"

And here's Ben E. King's Stand By Me (Boy! I love this song...a masterpiece indeed!)

I started to imagine, how these two songs gonna sound like when they're sung in medley. Just as I thought so, some DJ was so quick to come up with this re-mix (seems like i'm not alone huh!). What a perfect re-mix. It fulfils my fantasy.


defoo said...

dB, actually mmg beautiful girl is sampled from stand by me. and i think its also one of a good way to write a new song, taking something good n familiar from an oldies and make it sound new. but its just my opinion ;)

dBOS-fm said...

ya kah? Patutpun..kekekek..
bah kamu samplelah mana2 oldies...:)