25 Sept 2009

The decent "bad boys"

Adam determined to keep ‘pop dance’ and ‘pop shuffle’ alive

Hayati Dzulkiffli (Daily Express)
Kota Kinabalu: Adam of Akademu Fantasia (AF2) fame is determined to continue promoting of ”pop dance” and “pop shuffle” through the boy band group, “B.A.D Boy”.

Adam, 25, formed the band comprising three local youths from Sabah, last year with the aim of reviving “pop dance” and “pop shuffle” that is losing popularity in the country. In previous years, he said there were very few male singers that promoted “pop dance” music like the late Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. But in Malaysia, Adam said only several band boys group like KRU, Nico and 4U2C continued the genre. “I formed this group based on my own initiative and interest to ensure the music genre of ‘pop dance’ and ‘pop shuffle’ dance will not be forgotten,” he said. ‘B.A.D Boy’ consists two former Evoke band members namely Mailin Antikoh @ Marlon, 21, from Keningau and Eruande Sahat @ Yan-d, 21, from Putatan and his former back-up dancer, Rayndra Jubidi or Ryan, 21. All are talented and can dance very well. “Originally there were four but one of them, Chaq, who is the brother of Stacy AF6, left my band to be the protégé of song composer, Ajai, in a popular entertainment programme called ‘Mentor’. We have no hard feelings of Chaq’s decision but wish him the best he said.

‘B.A.D. Boy’ is the acronym, for ‘Budak Ada Disiplin Boy’ in which the band members are disciplined and have positive attitude to be successful artistes in the music and entertainment industry. And he said such discipline has nothing to do with their appearance, hairstyle and personal dressing. Adam said his own entertainment company has produced a mini-album that has three songs composed and lyrics by him, which was completed on July 8. “I purposely produced only three songs for the album because I want to test the market first particularly from the young generation like teenagers. The promotion of the mini-album would be carried out after Hari Raya Puasa as we received quite a number of invitations to perform. In the meantime, Adam said they produced 1,000 copies of the mini-album and making efforts of selling the copies directly to fans, and individuals that they meet in functions and events that invited them to perform. The title of the three songs are ‘Sayangku Janji’ that can be heard in Radio Era, ‘Pacar Pisau Cukur’ and ‘Bila Ku Tiada’