24 Mar 2008

AF 6 : Konsert Top 14

Everybody seems to be talking about the AF 6 first concert. It just indicates AF is still popular. So pakcik pun tidak mahu ketinggalan lah juga bab-bab mencarut ni…pengkritik keempat lah katakan (hehe). Masa konsert start saja, yang mula-mula aku perasan is the stage. Yuppp, back to the familiar setting except it looks smaller and cramped, but hey…look what’s hiding behind...it’s a live band! Yahoo! Siap dengan back-up vocal lagi! Kelas! A totally different face then took over the stage as pengacara. I guess we have to get use to AC from now on.

On to the performances...

Rina (or shall we just call her Rina Turner) - The Best
As expected, very good! Maklum sajalah 20 tahun nyanyi di kelab malam. I like the way she moves around the stage. I thought of giving her a perfect ten. But there’s something about her that didn’t connect perfectly. Hmmm..I wonder what it is?! Hang on a second I think I got it! It’s her dressing! Taulah dia tu pangkat nenek. Tapi takkan lah nyanyi lagu Tina Turner kena bagi pakaian ala-ala secretary di pejabat. Bagilah pakaian yang ranggi sikit…yang ada bling bling! But again, minus the dressing/image, she really delivers. (8/10)

He started very good and sounded great over half part of the song. Towards the end he sound fatigue. (4/10)

Mancung banget hidung dia ni..:)! A face of a matured woman but a voice of a teenage girl (how’s that?..:)). Not a bad performance though and I just don’t get it when Ajai comments on her pitching problem. Poor girl…my rate for her…6/10

Like a school boy yang kena denda menyanyi masa school assembly. Very amateur….3/10

While watching Tirai Akademi the other day, I noticed one girl struggling with "Janji Manis Mu". Having not familiar with the students, I thought (and hope) the girl is one of those eliminated earlier (not in the top 14). But upon learning that she’s indeed Ika…pakcik hampir pengsan! Siapalah yang tergamak sangat memilih dia ni dalam top 24…then top 14…aduhh! Cantik sangat kah dia ni hingga terpilih!!...hmmm….she should be the one voted out. 1/10

Boleh lah pakai! Walaupun vokal ala kadar saja, yang penting sedap di dengar (tiada nada tersasar) and he looks like one of the Raja Lawak contestants too…entertaining! 5/10

Tone suara mengingatkan kepada Ayu…very thick and loud. But Nadia's voice mostly kedengaran agak keras dan garau. Not much of a pitch problem (an advantage of having a thick voice). Tapi gesture dia ni macam banyak aksi tangan ala Karam Singh Walia…7/10

Vocal wise…lunak! I always believe it’s a brilliant idea to sing a song like this in falsetto for the first chorus before blasting it off in normal voice for the repeat chorus. I’m not so sure if this is how the song is done in the original version, honestly I never heard of it (*LOL* terbongkar rahsia bukan peminat setia Anuar Zain). He gives justice to the song. 8/10

Reminds me of Akma. Not much of a pitch problem and not a bad repertoire, the song suits her vocal very well. 6/10

Selamba ja mamat ni kan! Sekali menyanyi…fulamak…tone suara dia, bukan calang-calang…serak-serak gemersik (I really like his tone)! To me this is another “jujur” performance. I hope he stays long…..7/10

Stacy - No One

One word “Stylish”…now it becomes Stacy Stylish (how’s that sound!?). Vocal tone….sedap banget! Part suara dia yang kedengaran macam terloncat, tersarut, tersangkut (whatever you call it) yang mahal sangat tu. Not many people blessed with such voice. The only setback I think is too much movement. It slightly affects her note placing during the chorus. She should have paused during this part just to focus on the note placing. But overall very impressive, she creates a Grammy night ambience! What! she copycat Alicia Keys’ showmanship? but looks like Mary J.Blige to me *LOL* 8/10

Duhh! Tone deaf kah dia ni?! Bakal menggugat kedudukan Mas dalam carta AF Tone Deafer!...kasilah 3/10


Her facial expression really kena dengan lagu ini (I just don’t get Ogy’s comment on her emotional expression). If I were her husband I may suspect something amiss “Macam real jer bini aku ni? Entah-entah dia ada affair dengan jantan lain tak?! Ishh tak boleh jadi ni….mesti kena siasat ni!”…hehe. Vocal wise, tersasar-sasar lah juga pitching dia ni and the tempo also not very good…macam Genervie Kam (pemain piano) pula yang barabis kejar dia. 5/10

(BTW apasal Ning panggil dia ni kakak? I thought Ning is older?)

Ok! Ok! I know…you guys are amazed and impressed!...yupp…it’s his great vocal tone..I agree and I’m with you! But hang on, don't rush, take a listen carefully to his singing on this video.
Let me switch on my radar...

Oops..my radar detects a couple of pitching problems. He’s also unable to generate proper or solid vibrator, his voice 'pecah' at minute 1:35 and another slight glitch at minute 1:55, a shaky and unstable voice as well. What stunned me, he’s unable to project falsetto for certain parts that need such vocal projection. It would be much, much nicer if he could softened (by falsettos or whatever) the notes “still” (at minute 0:27) and the notes “der” for shoulders (at minutes 1:07 and 2:16). He still needs to work hard on the proper timing to inhale in order to re-fill his fuel. Otherwise he sounded short of breath (pendek nafas). But penghayatan is very good…7/10

AC Mizal – Boleh lah pakai! Sebab bukan senang mahu jadi pengacara siaran live untuk TV. They need to stick with the timing allocated for the program so that it could end as scheduled (11.30 pm). Yang menariknya juga AC banyak defend para pelajar dari kritikan yang membingungkan (ala-ala Ryan Seacrest in American Idol). Tapi yang kurang menariknya dia announcelah pula kehadiran Sarimah and Siti Sara. Hmmm....buang karan saja! Masa David and Victoria Beckhams hadir di konsert AI last week pun Ryan Seacrest tiada announce. And AC shouldn’t be on stage masa student perform macam semak nampak. My rating (eh mau rate kah juga dia ni?…hehe) kasi lah. 8/10


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