25 Mar 2008

Wanted! A new Raja SMS

This is how the Hits 1 song contest results look like (as you know Hits 1 is the RTM version of Anugerah Juara Lagu)

Juara : Ketentuan - Azlan Abu Hassan/Ad Samad/Ramlah Ram

Naib Juara : Mungkinkah Langitmu Lebih Biru - El Widyan/Norman Rasyid/Al Walid/Mawi

Lagu Popular (undian SMS): Joget Lambak - Adam

Persembahan Terbaik: Malu Tapi Mahu - Dina

Do you notice something odd here? Well..ok...Mawi is still listed as one of the winners. But take a look at the verdict for undian SMS. It belongs to Joget Lambak (Adam). Correct me if i'm wrong...but I guess this is the first time a popularity contest by SMS voting that involve Mawi won by other artiste. Could this be a sign that Mawi's fans are running away from him? Has it got to do with the recent article about his relationship with Ikin? The special relationship between them both is very noticeable, it's like a wide open secret. The lady (Ikin) has even put on a busana muslim and looks all set to sprint to the pelamin. Articles like "tudung from Mawi and cincin from Ikin" screams all over the media, yet they are both coolly denying it since day one! *LOL* are they playing jokes to the media/public or just a natural born liars?.


Apa pun syabas dan tahniahlah juga kepada Adam...nampak gaya Adam bakal dimahkotakan sebagai Raja SMS yang baru...ahakkss!