2 Apr 2009

American Idol - Top 9


As expected? (Allison and Anoop were also in the bottom three)

This time the contestants were assigned to pick songs from list of the most popular downloads (how interesting, this should be the paid downloads). Having heard and watched their performances, I came up with my very own ranking

1. Kris Allen (Ain't No Sunshine)- Although his version of this song is not the best I've ever heard, he showed some serious stuff in his gig. (I guess most girls wish they were the microphone huh! Hehe!)

2. Adam Lambert (Play That Funky Music) - Again another smashing performance. But I prefer the rhythm and the guitar arrangement on the original version (it's more funky)

3. Anoop (Caught Up) - Not a bad rendition. I kinda like it

4. Danny Gokey (What Hurts The Most) - Suddenly Danny reminds me of either Taylor Hicks or Elliot Yamin (or the combination of these two). Having said that, I think he won't go far than these two guys (despite the awesome voice).

5. Matt Geraurd (You Found Me) - This guy already has two full studio albums, in case you don't know. Somehow I can tell by his classy acts on stage (but still subject to bad comments by the judges..hehe..poor fellow)

6. Allison (Don't Speak) - Err...I kinda compared her performance with Stacy :-). If only she kicks some pillows right to Simon face...

7. Lil Rounds (I Surrender) - Miss Rounds is getting pitchy and pitchy every week...what's going down dude?

8. Scott (Just the Way You Are) - Despite singing one of my all time favourite songs, I placed him in the bottom two. Now I realise how unpolished Scott's voice is (but he sounds a little bit like Barry Manillow, doesn't he?).

9. Megan (Turn Your Lights Down Low) - Maybe Kara was right, Megan will be in trouble. This lady sings as if she can't push or shift the high note using her head tone, it gets stuck between her chest and her neck.