5 Nov 2010

The Twins Story

Probably the famous twins in Sabah :=)

I also had my share of embarrassing moments with twins. I greeted a person whom I thought I knew very well. I chatted with him about some past events and asked him the whereabouts of some of his friends. He looked confuse but remained friendly. Once he dropped the bomb that I was actually referring to his twin brother, I thought of throwing myself at the speeding cars on the road *LOL* (we were chatting by the highway).

Still about twins, Ricky Martin revealed exclusively his twin sons (Matteo and Valentino) to the mass for the first time during an interview with Oprah on Nov 2 (like three days ago but will probably arrive on our local TV stations three months from now). His date with Oprah was his very first interview since he made an official announcement in March that he is..aaa...err...not heterosexual (go find the meaning in the dictionary). The interview was also in conjunction with the launch of his book (autobiography) entitled "Me".

Wow...the ladies are still screaming just like before huh (are they paid to scream or what?), and Mr Martin truly enjoys playing mommy doesn't he.

Awesome show indeed. Part 1 to 6 (including the world premiere of a new single "The Best Thing About Me Is You", a duet with Joss Stone) are still available on YouTube (hurry, before Oprah ordered them to be removed...hehe).

If you think Mr Martin has lost his charms, sexiness, macho-ness all because of his honest confession and you can't stand all the fake in his video "She Bangs"...

...don't worry help is on its way, and he's equally 'hunk' or was it spelled as 'hunG'?