18 May 2008

And the finalists are...

It's the final elimination week. Some dubbed it as a critical and important concert, when it comes to finding out who will make it to the final. So it's not the concert i was concerned much but rather the announcement of the finalists. The audience was so noisy...macam dalam pasar. Kalau sorak untuk semua pelajar tanpa bias tak apalah juga, but then they shouted only to those they like...erggh! Cara teriak pun macam menyemak saja. I call it "Sorakan Semak". Oklah no carut-carut...let's go straight to the performances

Tapi sebelum tu kan gangguan iklan.."anak ko tu Nawi?...A'ah!...Apa kerjanya?...jual gelang...mmmm (muka merendah diri tahap gaban)"

Stacy– Beat It (Michael Jackson)

This is the second time Stacy was assigned to sing a song by male artiste (the first being Pelesit Kota by Amy). This is indeed a big and difficult song to perform. All I can say she did very well. Her dancing was good but maybe this is the first time I caught her not perfectly in synchronized with the dancers. I sighted what seems to be a couple of wrong steps. Vocally, it’s not much of a problem except for the part “defeat it” – she delivered it in falsetto! Hence it sounds hardly audible and less energetic (is MJ voice too high for a female to sing this part in falsetto?). I guess it’s not a bad idea if she just sang it loudly ala Nadia..:). There are a couple of lyrics problems as well but not noticeable. But judging by the level of difficulty of this song (and the fact that she had never heard of it…) she has done an extremely good job. Still an entertaining performance though B+

Toi – Kau Yang Bernama Seri (Handy Black)
Honestly this is the first time I heard of this song. Seperti biasa lagu-lagu sentimental balada macam ni memerlukan penghayatan yang kuat dari segi emosi dan lontaran vokal. Toi almost achieved what this song wanted. Vocally, he sang it quite flawlessly and managed to deliver the high note smoothly. Not much of a glitch. Personally I don’t have problem with Toi’s singing. It’s just that his vocal tone doesn’t have the expected quality… it’s not ‘stylish’ or ‘fashionable’ enough for a singer. B+

Stanly - Kerana (Alleycats)
Mmm…I think it’s not a bad idea to give a classical treatment to this song and sing it ala Il Divo. Unfortunately the assignment requires Stanly to sing it exactly like David Arumugam. Selain daripada tona suara yang berbeza dengan penyanyi asal dan part musical bridge dipotong, yang selainnya ‘sejibik’. So no extra creativiti dalam persembahan Stanly. Suara OK tidaklah banyak sumbang sangat cuma ada kedengaran part suara beliau lemah semacam. C

Nadia – Lelaki Buaya Darat (Ratu)
Yupp the outfit didn’t really match with this song. Minus the outfit, she delivered it well. Vocally, it’s the best that night. B+

Riz - Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley)
Ini lagu rock and roll kah lagu jazz? Keliru sikit…hehe. Macam tidak kena dengan art direction. Outfit Riz macam rocker 50-an, tapi konsep muzik and tarian macam ada jazz sikit and then based on pakaian penari latar Riz looks really out of place. Seperti rocker yang tersesat masuk ke dalam ballroom dance hall. Suara semput, phrasing kurang tepat, tersalah kira pun ada ten, eleven and ten, tarian..alahai! ...I think worst than last week. C+

Nubhan - Tapi Bukan Aku (Kerispatih)
Mungkin kalau dibuat kajian, inilah part terkucil suara paling ketara dalam sejarah AF…hehe. I thought he’s going to grasp this song (since this is one of his favourites) unfortunately he’s not (overconfident? Maybe). Mmmm…I don’t quite like his performance. Not much of improvement from him. Banyak vocal delivery yang lemah. and the highlight is the terkucil part. It’s good if he can project some powerful gema during high notes but looks like I have to continue dreaming (taaapun). C

Toi & Stanly– Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta (Mawi & M.Nasir)
Good performance, siap ada gerak tari ala-ala boria..:). They managed to handle the harmony well. It’s a very good collaboration from them. A

Riz & Nadia– Endless Love (Lionel Richie/Diana Ross)
When I checked the lyrics site on AF6 official website they stated the singers as Luther Vandross/Diana Ross…Lionel Richie lah! Apa pula Luther Vandross. Hmm…not a bad duet but the singing is just not smooth. A bit of hesitant terutama part Nadia (dia takut kot sebab Riz macam kemaruk habis…sudahlah menyanyi macam di Taman Larangan). Ada vocal connection antar mereka tapi macam not interacting very well…sort of a force interaction. B

Stacy & Nubhan– Ada Cinta (Acha Septriasa / Irwansyah)

BEST! Kalau Riz dan Nadia menyanyi di Taman Larangan yang ini pula di Taman Syurgawi. What a nice setting, props and outfits. GOOSEBUMP! BEST!! Love it! A+

A tribute to the great lyricist
Wah ada Velvet...best pula dia nyanyi Persis Mutiara. Motif Lotter tidak di jemput? (Lotter is no longer with Maestro kan!?)

Errghh...quite suspense. Logically they should be two baggages right? Instead only one baggage carried to the stage. Could it be one of the bottom two is another girl? Another favourite student? Just take a look at the result once voting was closed...

Toi 19%
Stacy 19%
Nubhan 17%
Riz 16%
Nadia 15%
Stanly 14%

Yupp...it's true!..:)