6 May 2008

Keningau beauty...:)

Lawa juga kan Unduk Ngadau Keningau...silap-silap boleh menang state level..:)

...and Google Adsense does pay

When I first joined Google Adsense, I didn't put much hope of getting paid. Sudahlah earning ciput semacam, the payment procedure is sooo complicated. Based on the old payment system, you'll get almost nothing at the end, after deducting transaction fees here and there. Not to mention it was time consuming as well. At one glance it appears as impossible to receive payment. I was like saying "forget about it" but continue embedding their scripts, as my simple way to thank them for providing this blogsite in addition that I'll also be able to get updated on some latest websites (whatever happen over these two reasons I consider a bonus). Then suddenly...jeng...jeng...they introduce payment through the hassle-free Western Union Bank...it's kind of what you see is what you get. Tidaklah banyak...sikit ja...tapi terlari-lari lah juga pergi bank...:=D (ala...durang kasi ambil sajalah kan!). Next payment will be in two years from now..*LOL*