14 May 2008

Melting Pot from Terry Peter

The promotional banner for his debut album displayed at Donggongon comes with a tagline "The first Kadazandusun Pop/R&B singer"...:) . His name is Terry Peter. He just released a full studio album called Melting Pot. The funny thing is when I first saw the banner with the word 'melting pot' I thought of another opening of a new restaurant in Donggongon...."alamak promosi album rupanya".

The album cover is simply captivating...love it!...:)

Check out his promotional videos...


Come Dance With Me

Interested to find out more about him. Click here


Anonymous said...

he's good...i saw him performed...he's one to watch!!

Anonymous said...

a friend recommended me to listen to one of his song, and i thought "terry peter"?? never heard of him. then i listened to his songs in youtube, that was it man!!! I started googling his name and i found his website. He is one impressive guy! Good job kadazan boy. Im proud of you!!