21 Dec 2009

Intellectual movies anyone..

Sabah born film director Chris Chong talked to reporters about his so-called intellectual movies 'Karaoke' (read the full article here)

I don't realise that there's such a term called "intellectual movies". I'm wondering which of the movies I'd watched before falls into this category. To me historical movies like Gandhi, The Last Emperor, Schindler's List, Passion of Christ etc, are intellectual enough but never been called as 'intellectual movies'. The same with any movie with good message and strong moral and enviromental issues...Jurassic Park, Species, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Avatar etc. What about Hot Chick, Borat or..err...Brokeback Mountain don't you think they're intellectual too *LOL*. I haven't seen Karaoke yet but some reviews said it's terlalu buat orang berfikir :-) (habislah gugur rambut macam ni). Kita ni ke panggung mau berhibur, so kalau buat filem dengan tujuan mau penonton berfikir (tanpa hiburan) might as well call it documentary. But I respect this guy when he says "Life is not just about making profits...." (ambik ko!).